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Office of Research and Technology Applications

The FBI’s Office of Research and Technology Applications (ORTA) brings FBI-developed technology and personnel together with industry and academia to research and develop solutions in support of the FBI mission. ORTA serves all FBI research facilities as required by the Stevenson-Wydler Technology Innovation Act of 1980 (15 US Code Chapter 63 – Technology Innovation).

Technology transfer is the process of sharing knowledge, facilities, or capabilities developed at federal laboratories to meet public and private partner needs. FBI researchers develop innovations every day in support of the FBI mission. FBI technologies can be patented and licensed as authorized by Title 35 US Code section 209. For additional information on federal technology transfer, visit the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC).​ 

The goal of FBI's Technology Transfer Program is to maximize the benefit of the taxpayer investment in the operational research and development activities at the FBI. We do this by entering cooperative research and development agreements (CRADAs), licensing the FBI’s patents, and sharing innovative technologies, so they will be available both for government and the commercial market.    


Rookie of the Year, Federal Laboratory Consortium (2023) 
Best in Region: Mid-Atlantic Region, Federal Laboratory Consortium (2023) 

Cooperative Research 

The CRADA is one of the most valuable technology transfer mechanisms for obtaining long-term value. Title 15 US Code Section 3710a, gives the FBI the authority to enter CRADAs to foster collaborative relationships with industry, local and state governments, and academia. In a CRADA, each party’s resources are leveraged to conduct research and development that benefit both. Through this collaboration, each party shares the benefits and risks in obtaining valuable technology transfer goals and objectives.  

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  • The submission of information through this site does not guarantee an award, funding, or any contractual action on the part of the FBI.   

Patent Portfolio

We built this portfolio of available technologies as a resource for the public and industry to find the latest technologies that are available. Licensing an FBI patent provides the greatest commercial benefit to all parties involved: FBI inventors get to see their innovations used in the commercial market and businesses can use mission-developed innovation to boost their own technologies. We offer both non-exclusive and exclusive licenses on our available technologies with terms that are generally favorable to U.S. companies. 

The patent portfolio is divided into four categories (Forensic Analysis, Detection, Telecommunications, and IED Disruption). You can access the patents in each category using the right side navigation bar.

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Innovation Catalog

This catalog gives FBI innovators the ability to share technology with the public. ORTA facilitates the release of these technologies to partners. The partner can benefit by adopting the innovation, adapting it, or taking it into the commercial marketplace.