New Update November 9, 2023

ITSSS2 Phase 2 Advisory Down Select notices have been distributed via email today. As with the Phase 1 notice, all notices were emailed to the original POC from Phase One. Please notify the Government if there has been an issue with delivery and receipt, via Please remember only Phase 2 Interested Parties received a Phase 2 Advisory Down Select notice.

New Tentative Schedule:

11/29/2023 – Phase 3 Quote Due

12/18/2023 – Anticipated Phase 3 Advisory Down Select Notice Distribution Date

1/5/2024 – Anticipated Phase 4 Quote Due

2/9/2024 – Anticipated Master BPA Award 

New Update September 18, 2023

The Government has issued Phase One Advisory Notices. Please note that letters were sent to the same email address that submitted the quote. Please email if a company did not receive a letter. Responses due by 4pm EST 9/20/2023. Thank you

New Update - August 25, 2023:

The Government is still evaluating Phase One submissions and does not expect any Advisory Notices going out before mid-September. The Government will continue to provide general status updates via SAM.Gov and All formal notices will be sent from the email address to interested parties. Thank you.

New Update - August 1, 2023:

All receipt notices have been sent out to all vendors that have submitted a bid for ITSSS-2. If your company has not received a receipt email, please send an email (forward from the original timely response submission email) to If you did not submit a bid to ITSSS-2, there is no need to send an email or respond to this update. No further bids will be accepted at this time, as the due date and time has passed. Thank you to all vendors for your interest in working with the FBI.

New Update - June 29, 2023:

The updated, tentative schedule for ITSSS-2 is, as follows:

ITSSS-2 Current Tentative Schedule

Milestone  Tentative Completion Date 
Draft Solicitation (RFQ) ReleasedMay 23, 2023
Q&A on DraftJune 5, 2023
Industry Event June 13-14, 2023
Release Final RFQ  June 30, 2023
Vendor Questions Due July 7, 2023
Responses DueJuly 14, 2023
Quotes DueJuly 31, 2023
Evaluation CompleteNovember 1, 2023
Contract Award   December 11, 2023

The FBI is also no longer accepting questions on the Draft RFQ. The Bureau will hold a Q&A session on the final RFQ once it's released on GSA E-Buy. Currently, there's no update on the release of Industry Day slides and video. The government team is working to obtain the proper approvals for their release. Thank you for your continued patience. 

New Update - June 23, 2023:

The FBI is still reviewing Industry Day slides for release. We're also still finalizing and approving the Industry Day video for release. We'll provide the slides and video will once we're authorized to do so. We're continuing to work on all questions to provide responses to Draft RFQ, as well as Industry Day questions. Please continue to watch this portal for all information and status updates related to ITSSS-2. You must submit any additional questions via email to Your email submission must use the appropriate question template released with the draft RFQ. The FBI will revise the schedule early next week. The Bureau can no longer provide email-based status updates about ITSSS-2. We'll post all status updates to Thank you for your understanding.

New Update - June 5, 2023:

 This is a reminder that Q&A is due on the draft RFQ today, June 5. The draft has been released via GSA E-Buy.

Additionally, the Industry Day registration list is going to print today; therefore, no additional attendance changes will be made.

Thank you, industry, for the tremendous response thus far. We can't wait to see everyone in Huntsville next week.

New Update - May 23, 2023:

Draft RFQ and other documents have been released on GSA E-Buy RFQ 1629665. Please follow all applicable instructions and dates contained in the RFQ.  

The finalized ITSSS-2 registration lists, divided by session, are available in the Industry Day Event Resources section of this webpage. Please contact if your company registered, but is not included in a list and there has been no communication with the FBI. Based upon the clarification below, if a company failed to provide the requested information on their incorrect or incomplete registration, that company has been removed from the registration list. Please do not contact the FBI ITSSS-2 team if there has already been communication regarding your attendance. At this time, registration is final and will not be reopened; however, if we can accommodate more attendees, we may consider additional attendance.  In the event this happens, the announcement and instructions will be posted to this ITSSS-2 landing page. 

Please contact if a company is listed in two different sessions. In the event this happens, the Government will attempt to place the company in their preferred session and provide confirmation via email.

The ITSSS-2 Industry Day event will be located at the Davidson Center for Space Exploration in the National Geographic Theater on June 13-14, 2023, in Huntsville, Alabama. There will be three identical sessions: a morning and afternoon session on June 13, and a morning session on June 14. There is no live stream available for the event. Only companies with a GSA contract under SIN 54151S will be permitted to attend, and a company may only attend one session. Companies that do not have a GSA contract on SIN 54151S, will not be registered. Additionally, registration forms that are not completed with all required information will not be accepted.

The FBI is pleased to provide the tentative schedule for the ITSSS-2 BPA. In addition, the FBI is finalizing all other acquisition details. If you have any information or suggestions on the evaluation process you would like the Government to consider, please submit those ideas to Thank you for being interested in ITSSS-2 and partnering with the FBI.

ITSSS-2 Current Tentative Schedule

Milestone  Tentative Completion Date 
Draft Solicitation (RFQ) ReleasedMay 23, 2023
Q&A on DraftJune 5, 2023
Industry Event June 13-14, 2023
Release Final RFQ  June 21, 2023
Vendor Questions Due June 28, 2023
Vendor Responses DueJuly 7, 2023
Quotes DueJuly 24, 2023
Evaluation Start  July 25, 2023
Evaluation CompleteNovember 1, 2023
Contract Award   December 11, 2023