New Update June 10, 2024

Please see the 95 ITSSS-2 BPA awardees. Congratulations again to all the awardees!

New Update May 28, 2024

It is with great excitement that the Finance and Facilities Division, Procurement Section announces the award of the Information Technology Supplies and Support Services 2nd Generation Blanket Purchase Agreement, commonly referred to as ITSSS-2. ITSSS-2 is the follow-up vehicle to the highly successful ITSSS in which the FBI invested over $2B for IT services.  ITSSS-2 will be the primary contract vehicle for the FBI to obtain critical IT service needs for the next eight years. In the spirit of continued collaboration with the Department of Justice (DOJ), ITSSS-2 will also be available for use by all DOJ components.

ITSSS-2 will provide the FBI with streamlined acquisition procedures and a vetted Vendor Pool to establish call orders more efficiently.  There are a total of 95 awardees that bring their robust expertise to partner with the FBI in making advancements of technology services. The 95 awardees are made up of 31 Large Businesses and 64 Small Businesses. The estimated spend for ITSSS-2 is $8b.  This is the largest IT contract vehicle ever established by the FBI.  The Procurement Section team will be providing standardized ordering procedures and templates and establishing a resource portal to assist FBI customers with their requirements packages.  An additional resource the team will establish is a forecasting tool to identify upcoming requirements on a timely basis and to allow ITSSS-2 vendors to appropriately plan their proposals.  Over these next few weeks, the Procurement Team will be having informational sessions to share with all stakeholders.  

We look forward to the continued collaboration with both our Division Partners and our Industry Partners.

New Update February 9, 2024

ITSSS-2 Phase 2 is currently in the last phase of evaluations.  Following the evaluation phase, pertinent documentation for award purposes will be prepared. Due to protests filed to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), there will be no official award of ITSSS-2 until those protests are resolved. The Government will keep all interested parties informed of the status via the ITSSS-2 email. As with all prior notices, emails will be sent to the original POC from Phase One. Please notify the Government if there has been an issue with delivery and receipt via


New Tentative Award Date: (Please note this could change as a result of any protest resolution) 

5/24/2024 – Anticipated Master BPA Award 

New Update November 9, 2023

ITSSS2 Phase 2 Advisory Down Select notices have been distributed via email today. As with the Phase 1 notice, all notices were emailed to the original POC from Phase One. Please notify the Government if there has been an issue with delivery and receipt, via Please remember only Phase 2 Interested Parties received a Phase 2 Advisory Down Select notice.

New Tentative Schedule:

11/29/2023 – Phase 3 Quote Due

12/18/2023 – Anticipated Phase 3 Advisory Down Select Notice Distribution Date

1/5/2024 – Anticipated Phase 4 Quote Due

2/9/2024 – Anticipated Master BPA Award 

New Update September 18, 2023

The Government has issued Phase One Advisory Notices. Please note that letters were sent to the same email address that submitted the quote. Please email if a company did not receive a letter. Responses due by 4pm EST 9/20/2023. Thank you

New Update - August 25, 2023:

The Government is still evaluating Phase One submissions and does not expect any Advisory Notices going out before mid-September. The Government will continue to provide general status updates via SAM.Gov and All formal notices will be sent from the email address to interested parties. Thank you.

New Update - August 1, 2023:

All receipt notices have been sent out to all vendors that have submitted a bid for ITSSS-2. If your company has not received a receipt email, please send an email (forward from the original timely response submission email) to If you did not submit a bid to ITSSS-2, there is no need to send an email or respond to this update. No further bids will be accepted at this time, as the due date and time has passed. Thank you to all vendors for your interest in working with the FBI.